What is
bachelor.com.bd ?

what is bachelor.com.bd

You may all know what is bachelor but what is bachelor.com.bd?
well, bachelor.com.bd is a website that allow user to find bachelor house, bachelor mess, bachelor hostel or student hostel. As many house owner don't allow bachelor to stay at their home but every house owner are not same. There are people we know, who talk to home owner and rent house, Then what they do? They find friends to share room or flat but some times, it's become more problematic to find friends to share . Now how to find friends for a shared room? Easy ! There are many people who are looking for shared room. Now, how to link this two kind of people. Well Then I come up with an idea of bachelor.com.bd. That link those kind of people literally the people who rent house post a to-let detail with their house address, shared price and other facilities they have and the people looking for shared room come to the bachelor. As we have an option to search by location and they find a suitable home to live. Happy bachelor life...