How to live a wonderful bachelor life.

Are you a bachelor? Are you living your life alone? Then this blog post is for you.

Bachelor is someone who isn't married yet. If you are a bachelor you may need to know about how to accomplish everyday tasks, like how to properly do laundry take care of yourself, meet a girl, plan an awesome vacation, finding high paying job or chose a place to live in Dhaka city or somewhere else. You will enjoy this article if you are a:

As you are a bachelor it's almost only you and yourself no one else are there for you except your parents. In human life there are many ups and downs. Most of the people fail in first attempt. With proper planning and hard work you will follow a path that will lead you to your own goal in details of personal, professional religious and financial life.

Making scheduled work:

joining to a party around you, any events or special festivals is a mind refreshing work. Make sure you have enough time for that and be on it. If you like walking, go to a park or free space near you. There are lots of beautiful places in Dhaka city just ask a friend you have. Join to extra curriculum activities and try to avoid what you really don't like.

Supporting yourself:

try to follow your heart and brain. Never rely on other. Just do what you want to do. Social and family expectation is always different than you. Be sure there will be always someone in your side.

Caring yourself:

learn to know what makes you look good that's may be your favorite dress, hair style, maybe a sun glass is better style this days. Take physical exercise on daily bases. Consulting with doctor regularly is best self-caring.


clean up your living space regularly. Teach yourself how to be more independent you may find out how to fix some of problem such as your daily clothing, shoes or meals try to make some by your own.
Thinking positive: motivate yourself by positive thinking. Make peace of being bachelor, be optimist with the situation at this time and people you know around you.

Making new friends:

friendship is the absolutely an important part of bachelor's life. Some will be very close to you many are the people you know from different activities. Get know each person closely support them if they are in any kind of problem this way you can interact and involve for the life time.

Organize a date:

of course an important part of bachelor life is dating. you don't have to be alone always. Search around yourself, one may be found who is your close one. Casual-relationship is a part to know future be grateful and mindful.

Tour and traveling:

it's highly recommended to a bachelor who live in a bachelor mess specially in Dhaka city don't forget to travel or having tour with friends because there are many beautiful places you need see to remove boringness and lead a healthy life. You must need to know your country as well as the world. Traveling as a bachelor is more enjoyable because you don't have to compromise your choices.