Bachelor house in Dhaka

Single person, weather you are male or female living without family in a shared accommodation in Dhaka or other city in Bangladesh I would like to call it a bachelor house. You may call it bachelor mess, bachelor apartment or bachelor sublet whatever you like.

Not only in Dhaka or Chittagong wherever bachelor house is situated in Bangladesh has almost same culture or same environment. In every bachelor house there must be five to fifteen people living together under the same roof. Most of them are from different area of Bangladesh or they are from same school, college or university. Playing together, eating together or schooling together.

Fine, That's what shared accommodation people do. But why finding bachelor house in Bangladesh is a problem?. That is actually another topic. But finding bachelor house in Dhaka is a major problem. Today I will discuss about bachelor house in Dhaka.


the capital of Bangladesh it has area of 306.4 square kilometers and the population is around 7 million. That is a huge number of populations. Most of the best quality educational institute and large company of Bangladesh are here. Population is increasing daily.

So, It's hard to find a family apartment in Dhaka but if you are a bachelor it's nearly impossible to find a bachelor house or bachelor apartment.

It's simple enough to say: As many good quality educational institutes are situated in Dhaka so, there has a chance to increase the number of bachelor students or bachelor job holders. Also there is a chance to increase the number of bachelor house, or bachelor apartment logically. But that's not correct. Landlord doesn't allow bachelor house in Dhaka.

I have talked to many landlords why they don't want to allow bachelor house in Dhaka. They have several complain about bachelor house:

These are the most saying complains from landlords.

So, aren't there any bachelor houses in Dhaka? Of course there are some but it&apso;s hard to find. Bachelors are hanging to-let details in walls and damaging the natural environment of Dhaka city. Then I have come up with an idea so they don't hang to-let details in wall but post to-let details in internet. How? I have made a website called Bachelor where bachelor can post there to-let and other bachelor who are finding bachelor house in Dhaka or in Chittagong can find easily bachelor house.

Well, by the end of my article of bachelor house in Dhaka you may wish to find some information of how is bachelor life in Dhaka to find that information you visit ব্যাচেলর মেস লাইফ এর এক মাস